The Fun That Never Ends!

GO Carts

Indoor Go Karts!

Fun & Fast! Race your friends or test your skills.Height Requirement: Must be 54” to drive and 36” to ride.

Laser TagLaser Tag

Play in teams or individually. The latest high tech equipment provides maximum laser tag excitement.

Age Requirement: Must be at least 8 years old to play

Bumper CarsBumper Cars

Bump, Bang and Crash… Climb aboard and get ready for some fun.

Height Requirement: Must be 48” to drive and 42” to ride

Black-light Mini GolfBlacklight Mini-Golf

Go on an adventure with pirates and undersea creatures. Stunning blacklight and CGI (computer generated images) make this a must see for the entire family. No Restrictions!

ArcadeArcade Games & Redemption

Our two story arcade has over 140 of the newest and best games available. There is something for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents. Games Include: Free toddler play and rides, ticket games, merchandise games, video games, Motion Theater, Dance Dance Revolution, Deal or No Deal, Skeeball, 6 lanes of Rt. 66 Mini-Bowling (no special shoes required) and that is just the beginning.
Great prizes…great fun… and don’t miss your chance to win 1,000 tickets on the BIG BASS WHEEL.


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